Paul Betenly

Welcome to the world of Paul Betenly! We strive to give customers the best price-value relationship in the world of menswear. Modern fit and styling merged with old world tailoring gives the wearer a look of elegance and sophistication. Paul Betenly clothing complements the active lifestyle of a person who is always on the go and needs to look polished at any given time. Whether it is a client meeting at work, leisure activity, family outing, or searching for that special person, our PB products fit into all categories of a man’s life. We, as men, embrace the subtleties of our garments: from the hand sewn armholes, to pick stitching, meticulous tailoring, fine worsted wool, and panelized linings. These premium features combine to create a symphony of expression and functionality, with all the proper elements working together. 

If you have a Paul Betenly story, please share it with us to be potentially featured on our website! 


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